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From the Desk of the Administrator

Many people ask, “So, what do you do at Mrs. Bush’s?” My response is consistent with my title and I say, “Well, I’m the administrator”. I often think about how this came to be. In our Spring Newsletter I wrote about the beginning of Mrs. Bush’s and how my parents, Bob and JoAnn Bush, got started. Here is my story.

As I approached the time for college enrollment I decided to pursue a degree in nursing. It seemed a natural progression for me as growing up I had a love for animals and people. Without really being conscious of it, caring for people was just something I “knew”. This would be due to growing up in a setting where I was surrounded by my mother and father taking care of seniors. It was happening all around me, right in my own home.

After college I was hired at Allentown Osteopathic Hospital as an R.N. on the med-surg floor. I gained varied experience and skills working on this floor as well as rotating to telemetry, pediatrics, substance detox and same day surgery units. I enjoyed my time there but a day came when I questioned my future and whether I would want to join my parents at the personal care home. After 2 years at the hospital I decided to go for it. I thought that perhaps I could make a difference in people’s lives working in a setting where I had more input and control over how things were managed and operated.Fast forward 18 years and here I am! During the course of this time I’ve seen the personal care home industry evolve a great deal. With our aging population is the ever increasing need for efficiently run establishments focused on delivering the highest quality care to those living there.

I, as well as the rest of my family, am committed to our residents, our staff and all of the families in meeting this goal. As I have said before, “We are a family and this is our life’s work. This is what we were meant to do”. Thank you to those that have already given us an opportunity to have you or a loved one in our care, and to those who are considering it, we hope you will choose Mrs. Bush’s.

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