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From the Desk of the Administrator….

When we say, “Run by Our Family for Your Family for Over 30 Years”, we really mean it! In our previous newsletter editions I shared the story of our beginning with Bob and JoAnn in 1983 as well as my entry into the family business in 1997, but there is more to tell!

In April of 2002 Curt and Kelly Bush decided to join the family in our efforts. They were ready to start a family of their own and wanted to be closer to home. Curt and Kelly moved from Nashua, NH where Curt was employed as an electrical engineer for a missile defense company. Kelly was employed as an office manager for a busy oral surgery center. Curt had also grown up with the business and Kelly began her career as a Certified Nurse’s Aide so for them joining the family business made sense. It didn’t come without struggles. Everyone had to find their niche and figure out how to contribute their talents and knowledge to helping the business to grow and thrive. At the present time, Curt functions as our General Manager. He oversees all budgetary issues, employee benefits, IT and day to day operations. Kelly has a dual role between the business office and kitchen. She assists as prep cook, menu planner, facility events and in the business office she oversees accounts payable/receivable, payroll duties and general office tasks.

In September of 2006 Justin Scheffner, my husband, also joined the family business. Justin has an education and background in woodworking/cabinet making and is by nature someone who is very handy and able to build or fix just about anything. Around this time Bob really needed additional help with the overall facility and grounds maintenance. Justin came on board and enjoys his challenging and busy role. He is now joined by his father, Tom Scheffner, and Kelly’s father, Denny Haydt who both have retired from their careers and work part-time to assist with facility/grounds maintenance. Mrs. Bush’s Personal Care Homes has become the perfect place for the “retirees” to stay busy while helping to beautify our Home.

So there you have it. We truly are “run by our family for your family”. And we intend to continue to do so for many years to come. Thank you for all the support we receive from our employees, families, staff and volunteers to make our Home the very special place that it is!

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