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More than Moving

There are many complicating factors which make a “senior move” more challenging than others. Below are some of the more common issues faced by older adults and their families.

Stress - When a person moves in late life, there are almost always extenuating circumstances, such as the death of a spouse, changes in social structure, changes to familiar environments, or the loss of health or finances. This is why seniors rank moving as the 3rd most stressful life event they experience. This stress can trigger other serious symptoms in older adults, including sleeplessness, anger, anxiety, apprehension and increased confusion.

Caring Transitions® can help: Our broad range of relocation and liquidation services are specifically designed to help mitigate stress and help families overcome obstacles before, during and after a move.

Downsizing - Moving in late life quite commonly includes changes to the size of the home. For many, this particular issue can be overwhelming, as families struggle to sort, sell, organize, honor and preserve volumes of personal possessions.

Caring Transitions® can help. As the largest and most comprehensive household goods liquidation resource in the country, Caring Transitions® offers a variety of solutions to help families “Downsize with Dignity™” through our professional estate sale, online auction, donation, removal, and clean-out services.

Family Dynamics -We understand that many family caregivers lovingly provide support for their parents, but they also may experience problems as they try to balance parent care with their own busy lives. Sibling rivalries and arguments over inheritance and finances may also create unhealthy tensions that impact adult children physically, mentally and emotionally.

Caring Transitions® can help: As a qualified third party resource, Caring Transitions® removes much of the burden from family members so they can better provide support and encouragement for their parents and not become bogged down by the multitude of tasks required to downsize, declutter, organize and move an entire household.

As the nation’s largest provider of relocation, move management and household goods liquidation services, Caring Transitions® offers professional

solutions and advice for these and other issues affecting older adults and their families.

Contact us today for a FREE in-home estimate by visiting us at or calling 610-908-8093.

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